Friday, November 21, 2008
10:39 PM
oh weekend is here , but lei never go outing or anything. sian lah. dunno why suddenly i feel so sian, maybe because i talk to people till never see them feel sian ??? whahah. well friday mood and sumone make my day , was chatting with her on msn then i msn her oei babi , i feel sian, then as we talk then she told me that it time for you to change job. your pay is too low which i agree after slogging for 8 long year i find that pay only up 5% no much benefit to staff. well then i say yesh i looking for one and she say about all my my net friend, i dot you the more de. so i want to ask her . OEI SELINA AKU MAI GOLDBAR where. you dun pretend good good i forget everything. lol
well dec 4 got a mbs briefing so i apply leave just to go there see see look look hopefully something can happen.

that for all folks.


Thursday, November 20, 2008
12:12 PM
HAIZZZ, i also dunno why i come in only haizzz. at time i really wonder fate does play a part. see my friends some so fast get into brg n some get into brg for not even 1 week and say sorry we are not mean for each other. dotssss.

Well i here to post again as i also feeling stress , work lah also many others things bah.

and thanks to my friends yun , wisely , SGN. had a drink for my 30 birthday and before i knew
i got knock out at 10 pm, way before the main body arrive. by the time the rest of my friends arrive they only come to see me sitting on the sofa. i would like to say thanks to all those who
come down. and to minnie too sorry never had a chance to taste the cake.

i guess that all for now.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008
12:03 PM
I also dunno what to blog also at times lazy to blog, a recap of past two months event.
When genting at lest i manage to get the feel of winning Rm100 chip total Rm600.
and Rm500chip with a Rm10 bet. funny part is when i win the bet the croupier was look at me i ask for cash chip. find it easy to control also dun like the feeling of too many chips.
the best feeling was play tai sai. i bet on number 4 and it open number 4. woa the feeling was great. can feel that everyone was looking seeing me. i there diam diam when the croupier look at me i say cash chip. nice feeling. (damn forgot to take picture of the chips). and never play the jackpot there i find it not fun any more.

if u ask me u win or lose i will say i also dunno as my money i spend on foods over there n theme park. the go kart there abit weak liao very slow now. and the Sungei Rejang Flume Ride make me wonder how long the water has been there greenish in colour. the rest was ok.

now next trip is to go Hong Kong and Macau. hope i can win money there.

that all for now.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008
2:20 PM

finally get to write my blog , first i would like to say thanks to my fav fan Koay Bee Ching. (haha)

i kind of blur where am i heading now work like not happy , at times feel like going for new area.

well dun think i want to emo in here so i would post my pic of my outing with my friends.

also glad that i found my primary sch mate. keke

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
8:51 AM
It have been so long since i blog, a recap since jan 2008.
1. Work = work has been up n down at time i feel demoralised feel like say bye bye but
then if i say bye bye where can i go ??? stay till i can find one or till i cannot stand in then i say the golden word.

2 friend= glad to have them around me but then at times $$ make me stay at home. haizz how to be well contend. oh yes 3 of them got into a accident, thank god they are safe nothing much just one of them need stitch.

glad my grandma n grandpa like the crab meal suppose to bring them go to eat indo food but due to my sore throat cannot go out.

that all lah.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
8:30 AM
Well well well, in a fews days time in will be 2008. what will it be for me.
nice outing once again with my forum friends. try a ice cream shot.
bailey with chocolate ice cream. nice n bitter.
went chomp chomp had dinner to but over all nothing much to talk about there dunno why ppl like there so much.
ok shall stop n cont tonight.


Monday, December 10, 2007
10:55 AM
Been busy with my work.. blah blah blah.
got to write long long story

1. Work
Work has been ok so far just that at time feel depress and sian feel like going for
other place but when think of it , use to life in my company and there is quite a good benefit
for staff even though the pay is low.

2 Friends.
Quite happy to have a fews net friends quite fun with them. happy with them when go outing
placel like mos dbl o. To those who know my blog a big thank YOU.

Even though i had no gf b4 make me wonder is if very very hard to maintain it once together. Personnally i feel that before commit anything make sure you really like someone, you got to understand one background. if not breakup feeling is terrible.




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